Welcome to CWC

 We're so glad to welcome you to

Community Worship Center!

We are a high tech... high touch ministry that is serious about growing the Kingdom of God. We aggressively seek to attract the spiritually lost into our loving fellowship, introduce them to the greatest relationship ever offered, and grow them into powerful spiritual leaders who will join us in the mission.   We accomplish this through celebration worship where we draw from the deep traditions of the past while seeking to package our message in a positively contemporary way. The worship is punctuated with high application preaching that uses the Bible as our supreme guide for life.   We also accomplish this through offering training classes, relational small group interaction, and mission opportunities where we encourage personal participation. We believe that every believer is destined to be a leader, and the only way to develop as a leader is in relationships with others. 

   The heart of our ministry is the love of God expressed to those who least deserve it. Because we purposely seek to express this, we welcome people who might not fit in more traditional church settings, and just love them... In that environment, we believe that God's power will save them, heal them, change them, and deliver them. Because of that, we have a variety of church backgrounds represented in our congregation - including no church background... God's love is what binds us together in our diversity.